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test this is a test


Here is a nice article on Buying a pc

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I think I have a virus. what do I do.

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Get 3 peices of software.
Super AntiSpywhere
You can Find These by searching google.
Install these and update the definitions
Start Scaning with all 3 of these at the same time.
Let them run. Remove everything when they finish. Reboot and do this again untill you dont get anymore results. Do this everyday for 2 to 3 days.

Any questions please e-mail me at

What is a FAQ? What does FAQ stand for?

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FAQ simply stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Typically, these initials are used throughout the Internet to refer people to a help section that answers the most common (or frequently) asked questions.

I have an error message. How can I e-mail it to you or someone else??

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1. Click on the error message and hit ALT and the Print Screen keys on the keyboard at the same time.
2. Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Paint
3. At the top of the Paint window, click Edit > Paste (or CTRL V)
The screenshot should appear in the Paint window.
4. Click File > Save As
5. Change the Save in dropdown menu (at the top) to Desktop.
For Windows Vista, click Browse Folders and then click Desktop in the folder list on the left side.
6. Give the file a meaningful name (for example, Error.jpg).
6. Select JPEG in the Save as type dropdown menu
7. Click Save

8. In a new email message, click the Attach File button. (May look like a paper clip.)
9. Change the Look in dropdown menu to Desktop.
For Windows Vista, click Desktop in the folder list on the left side.
10. Click the screenshot file to highlight it, and then click Insert.
11. Finish composing your email message normally and click Send.

Sorry about the Question of the Day

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The Staff at are working on this issue.

Copy and Paste

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One of the most common problems people have is learning how to copy and paste.
Lets say you want to send me an e-mail (, but you can not click on it. You have to copy and paste.
This is a very Easy 3 step proccess.
1. click before my e-mail hold the mouse button down and drag the curser behind my e-mail. You Just Highlighted it!!!
2. Right click and click copy.
3. Open a new e-mail and in the “to” box right click and click Paste.

Thats It!!!!!
Any questions please leave me a comment….