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Family Home

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test this is a test


Here is a nice article on Buying a pc

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I think I have a virus. what do I do.

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Get 3 peices of software.
Super AntiSpywhere
You can Find These by searching google.
Install these and update the definitions
Start Scaning with all 3 of these at the same time.
Let them run. Remove everything when they finish. Reboot and do this again untill you dont get anymore results. Do this everyday for 2 to 3 days.

Any questions please e-mail me at

What is a FAQ? What does FAQ stand for?

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FAQ simply stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Typically, these initials are used throughout the Internet to refer people to a help section that answers the most common (or frequently) asked questions.

PC Tips and Tricks and Q&A

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Hello All

I am Going to try a new project not knowing how long I am going to keep it going. This blog is to help people become familiar with the computer and learn how to do stuff themselves. If you have a question post it in a comment anywhere on here and I will try to answer it.